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Much has been said about me over the years, but nothing has been said more about me than my work.

When I was a kid i use to build 'makeshift' sets in my mothers basement in Flint, MI. I never new what I was doing, but I did know, that I wanted to make movies.

Not only did films captivate my imagination when I was young, but nature has been a such a staple educator and inspiration to me. The out doors have extended into my professional life. From hiking, climbing to survival training; these outlets have such an importance to my motivation and inspiration. It helps transform my photography, drawing, designing and even decorating.  


When I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2011, with BA in Electronic Media with a concentration in Film Theory. It wasn't until that April that I met my first 'real' Producer. She gave me my first job on the film, "Sand Castles." filmed on location in Indiana, starring: Anne Winters, Jordan Hodges, Randy Spencer and Directed by Clenét Verdi -Rose. 

Not long after that I was connected again with Paula Fournier with yet another film. This time I knew what I wanted to do. Design! I met with the director of "Elder Island", which was my first feature as production designer and, it was a horror flick. 

After doing a handful of Films, TV, talkshows, some live events and even some weird music videos. My time in Michigan was coming to an end. I had to move to Los Angeles.

So, in 2015 I packed up and drove across the country with my cat Charlie and that little boy in the back of my mind knowing; that across the country there was the opportunity and life I knew I needed. 

The past 7 years and counting (2022) have been nothing but a glamours struggle of making my dreams come true. From designing music videos, to several commercials, live events, TV shows, and most important to me, feature films. 

Now, after ten years I have grabbed yet another milestone, for that little kid who almost burnt his mother's basement down with makeshift sets... 

In 2022 I finished working with Director Tony Kaye on the Feature film "The Trainer" as the art director, which allowed me to accumulate days in the Art Directors Guild/Local 800. The ADG has been on my mind since I first learned about film industry and now that I am part of my professional artistic peers, I can not wait to start my next adventures. 

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