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Matthew's story is one that is relentless , a pursuit and creative evolution. A journey that began in the humble confines of his mother's basement in Flint, Michigan. As a child, Matthew's passion for filmmaking was evident in the makeshift sets he crafted, a clear indicator of a burgeoning talent in the cinematic arts.

His early fascination with films was paralleled by a deep appreciation for nature, which became a significant source of education and inspiration. But Matthew's love for the outdoors - hiking, climbing, and survival training - has been instrumental in shaping his artistic vision; influencing his work in photography, drawing, design, and decoration.

Matthew's academic journey culminated in 2011 with a BA in Electronic Media and a concentration in Film Theory from Eastern Michigan University. That same year marked a pivotal moment in his career when he secured his first industry role on the film "Sand Castles," which filmed in Indiana ,starring Anne Winters, Jordan Hodges, Randy Spencer under the direction of Clenét Verdi-Rose.


His collaboration with producer Paula Fournier led to another significant opportunity on "Elder Island," where Matthew made his debut as a production designer. This horror flick was just the beginning of a series of diverse projects that included films, TV shows, talk shows, live events, and unique music videos. However, Matthew felt the call for a bigger stage and thus, in 2015, he embarked on a cross-country journey to Los Angeles with his cat Charlie and dreams in tow.

The subsequent years in Los Angeles have been a blend of glamorous challenges and triumphs as Matthew pursued his dreams. His work expanded to include designing music videos, commercials, and more live events, but his most cherished projects have always been feature films.

2022 marked a decade in his career and brought a significant milestone: working as an art director on "The Trainer" under the renowned Director Tony Kaye. This project not only fulfilled a lifelong aspiration but also led to his inclusion in the Art Directors Guild/Local 800. A goal Matthew had harbored since his early days in the film industry.

Now, as a recognized member of his professional and artistic community, Matthew eagerly anticipates embarking on his next adventures, carrying the legacy of that imaginative child who once nearly set his mother's basement ablaze in pursuit of his cinematic dreams.

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